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Features Matrix

Below is an extensive list of features included in each Workstaff plan.

Main features

FeatureFree PlanPro PlanMax plan
Project-based scheduling
Open shifts / offers
Staff database management
Staff invitations
Staff ratings
Messaging / Chat
Basic Remuneration
Time Tracking / Timesheets
Clock in/out with reminders
Receive photos from staff in the field
Realtime staff presence
Custom Fields for staff profiles
Budget and financial reports
Clients management
Advanced Remuneration (Premiums/Differentials)
Integrated invoicing for contractors
Payroll / Pay run

Staff database management

FeatureFree PlanPro PlanMax Plan
Invite / Add staff
Search, sort and filter database
Active/Inactive profiles
Star Rating
Download staff database
Placeholder profiles (without mobile app)
Custom Fields
Organize by department
Show work history
🔥 Disciplinary Warnings (ex: no shows)


FeatureFree PlanPro PlanMax Plan
Project-based scheduling
Specify location for projects
Recurring / ongoing / weekly schedules
Draft schedule changes
Clone / repeat shifts
Clone / repeat schedules and booked staff
Global calendar view per day, week and month
View staff availability
Ask staff for schedule confirmation via push notification
View confirmation status of
Schedule Unpaid breaks / pauses
Schedule travel time
Detailed / fine-grained work schedules
Mark role / position as filled
Double-booking protection
Print weekly schedules / Share as PDF
Share notes with team
Share documents with team
Associate projects to clients
Magic fill: Intelligent automatic filling of shifts

Open shifts / Offers

FeatureFree PlanPro PlanMax Plan
Publish work opportunities to staff database based on skills and distance
Publish work opportunities to specific staff
See who opened/consulted offers
See who declined offers
Review applicants
Push and email notifications to staff of work opportunities
Urgent offers
First Come, First Served offers


FeatureFree PlanPro PlanMax Plan
Per hour or per shift remuneration
Paid travel time
Remuneration conditions per role and per shift
Scheduled base hourly rate changes / history on worker profiles
Different base hourly rates per skill on worker profiles
Amount per travel hour premiums
Amount per work hour premiums
Amount per shift premiums
Percent of base wage premiums
Automatic premiums based on time range
Automatic premiums based on days of week
Automatic premiums based on skills
Automatic premiums based on custom field values
Automatic premiums based on employment status
Automatic premiums based on team lead

Time Tracking

FeatureFree PlanPro PlanMax Plan
View staff schedule
Track work times, travel times and unpaid pauses
Track and identify overtime
Clock in/out with QR Code
Enforce clock in/out via QR code
Geolocated clock in/out
Team leads can track time (clock in/out) of colleagues
Team leads can submit timesheets on behalf of colleagues
Team leads can review hours submitted by colleagues
Timesheet approval
Timesheet corrections
Trust verifications (
Download detailed timesheet data
Download detailed timesheet data
Enforce clock in / out via team leads
🔥 No shows / Absence tracking


FeatureFree PlanPro PlanMax Plan
Contractors can create and submit invoices via mobile app
Invoices can only be submitted once timesheets are approved
Automatic invoice lines reconciliation
Mark invoice as approved
Mark invoice as paid
Download and print invoice

Payroll / Pay Run

FeatureFree PlanPro PlanMax Plan
Consolidate earnings for employees and contractors within pay periods
Weekly (52/year) and Bi-Weekly (26/year) pay periods
Daily and weekly work hours summary per staff
Overtime; Remunerate hours worked in overtime
Detection of non-approved hours
Detection of unprocessed shifts
Detection of schedule and remuneration changes
Prevention of changes after a stub has been marked as processed
Download detailed earnings data to Excel/CSV


FeatureFree PlanPro PlanMax Plan
Integrated chat messaging
1-1 chats
Team chats
Rich text (formatting) and links in messages

Mobile App

FeatureFree PlanPro PlanMax Plan
Manage profile (contact info, picture, skills, work experience, etc.)
Change contact information
View work schedule and agenda
Manage detailed availability
View work opportunities (open shifts)
Submit application to opportunities
Confirm work schedules
Request cancellations
View shift and schedule details
View team / colleagues on shifts
View shared documents
Chat with employer
Team chat
Receive push notifications
Manage notifications preferences
View colleague contact information
Clock in/out
Clock in/out by team leads
Clock in/out with QR Code
Submit timesheet
Submit timesheet for colleagues
Create and submit invoices from approved timesheets (contractors)
Download and print submitted invoices (contractors)


FeatureChannelsFree PlanPro PlanMax Plan
New offers notification✉️ 📱
New booking notification✉️ 📱
Schedule change notification✉️ 📱
Booking cancelled notification✉️ 📱
New chat message notification✉️ 📱
New broadcast message notification✉️ 📱
Cancellation requested notification✉️
Clock in reminder notification📱️

Settings & Customization

FeatureFree PlanPro PlanMax Plan
Custom logo and company info
Custom first day of week
Timezones support
Customize skills / roles and set colors
Customize tags for staff profiles
Custom fields for staff profiles


FeatureFree PlanPro PlanMax Plan
Project budgets
Actual costs


These addons currently need to be enabled for your account by our Customer Success team on request - let us know if you're interested to try them out.

FeatureFree PlanPro PlanMax Plan
Transaction Pro (Quickbooks data export)
Onboarding via Google Forms