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Getting started


Workstaff is currently available by invitation only. You first need to be invited by an employer to use Workstaff.

Before you start using Workstaff, there are a few key steps to claim your profile and provide information that will be useful to your employer.

Install the Workstaff Mobile App on Your Phone

You can download and install the mobile app on either Android or iOS.

Sign In

Once your employer has created an account for you, you'll be able to log in and claim your Workstaff profile using either your phone number or your email address.


Make sure you use the same phone number or email address that your employer used to create your profile, otherwise Workstaff will not be able to find your profile.

  1. Open the mobile app
  2. Select whether you wish to sign in using your mobile phone or email address using the dropdown at the top of the page
  3. Provide either your phone number or email address, then tap Send my code
  4. After a few seconds, you'll receive a 6-digit sign in code either by email or text message depending on the login method you chose initially. This sign in code will be valid for 10 minutes
  5. Enter the sign in code, then tap Sign In
  6. You are now logged in!

If you're having trouble signing in, see I Can't Log In for more details.

Complete Your Profile

The first time you use Workstaff, you'll be asked to fill in some general information about yourself such as:

  • Your name
  • Your home city
  • Your birthdate
  • Your gender
  • Your skills - those will be used as suggestions for your employer, and will allow you to receive personalized work offers that match your actual skills.
  • Provide a profile picture.

Provide Additional Information About Yourself

After you complete the initial questionnaire, you can go to the Profile tab if you wish to edit your basic information or add more such as:

  • A short presentation text about you
  • Additional pictures of you
  • Your work experience
  • The languages you speak
  • Details about your transportation options and preferences.

This additional information is optional but providing it allows your employer to send you work offers that better match your individual profile.